Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) = Pauline Henson on Steroid

Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) = Pauline Henson on Steroid

Phony Tony (Tony Abbott) is high on morality! He would like to snoop around your bedroom and confiscate condoms!! He is also big on rhetoric and short on substance. After all he is a trained priest and managed to stay out of pedophilia and child molestation cases!

Should you wish to examine Mighty Israel, Miners and Dirty Leaders you may discover Toney loves Israel more than Australia like Julie Bishop! Julie Bishop loves Israel more than Australia! So is Toney!! However, Abbott despises workers right and workers in general. Bashing Aboriginals, migrants, Muslims, refugees, workers, ... are few of his qualities.

With the assistance of shock jocks and tabloid media outlets Phony Tony managed to remove two of his predecessors.

Should he becomes Prime Minister of Australia, may be Jesus will prefer to leave Australia!

Phony Tony (Tony Abbott)

Phony Tony is big on rhetoric and short on substance.

His militant lies and bigoted statements about abortion, Aboriginal issues, asylum seekers, workplace laws, … are providing ecstasy to redneck and rat bags! They are rallying behind him like flock of sheep.

Earlier this year, the shock jocks and spin doctors managed to change the leadership of a major political party over a totally false and jaundiced debate about the “Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming” .

Right now, shock jocks and “Nazi” media outlets of this country are providing him with unprecedented coverage while they are also silencing counter point of views!

As result, even the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is muzzled by him too!

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