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Beyond Israeli Nuclear Terrorism

Beyond Israeli Nuclear Terrorism


I agree with you.

As I said in Israeli Nuclear Terrorism, Iran and President Ahmadinejad were targets for a long time. According to many experts 60% of ‘made in Israel’ Internet Terrorism reached Iranian installations including many other countries. We think Australian Virgin Airlines lost her ‘virginity’ to this virus too! They also targeted me. However, some one cleaned them up. However, Free America Now is not operating properly. For evidence, please examine my previous posting.

My email system is also not working properly.

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Re: According to Bob Woodward, Barack Obama got "pissed" with US military for demanding more troops

Everyone is hammering Obama for everything they can think of !! It's the FUN THING TO DO !! Obama is the current punching bag for Americans.... Especially since no one has any real answers how to cure the economic problems that face America now. Obama inherited the MESS... including Afghanistan !!

Americans have mixed feelings re: America's wars in the M.E.. I was so glad that Obama did NOT praise Bush's war in Iraq !!! I felt that Iraq never should have been invaded, and that the U.S. military advisors deserve NO praise.

Since the Afghanistan war is primarily being fought in caves and from behind rocks, I feel the war there is unwinnable. Too bad... especially in that Osama Bin Laden is still hiding out there... ???? I have little to say about that war... I don't know what I could say that is positive in any way... I feel that Afghanistan is a Noose around the neck of the America and is choking it to death...


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HEADLINE: According to Bob Woodward, Barack Obama got "pissed" with US military for demanding more troops

OVERVIEW: In Bob Woodward's new book, "Obama's Wars," he is exposed as a president who got "pissed" at US military commanders when they correctly pushed him to add more troops to Afghanistan!


Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ Failure

For more: Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ Failure

Festival of Dangerous Ideas - October 2 and 3, 2010; invited people to submit topic for debate and discussions! However, their email system failed to accept the followings:

Australians were forced to fight other peoples’ wars

Political leaders, media moguls and elite power brokers made these decisions without proper debate or discussions inside or outside parliament. Virtually they black mailed our nation towards immoral, illegal and un-winnable wars. In short, people who are pushing our nation in wars outside Australia and not in defense of Australia are worse than this silly Sheikh Haron. … “.

Israel Centric Monkey Dance

Should anyone have any respect for fairness, notion of justice and free speech then please compare these Agenda Items and speeches and let us know who is right and wrong:

1. Agenda Items and Resolution of WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM 2001

2. Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism

3. Address by H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - 23 September 2010

4. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the UN General Assembly, Sept. 24, 2009

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