Friday, February 19, 2010

Reply to Ms. Lee Rhiannon MLC

Reply to Ms. Lee Rhiannon MLC

Further to Supplementary Questions by Ms. Lee Rhiannon re NSW Upper House Inquiry my reply to Ms. Lee Rhiannon MLC.

1. I do not consider that radio networks still cater to the security of drivers’ with regard to activation of drivers alarms and assistance being rendered.

The taxi industry history, customs and practices as well as plethora of tragedies and many bitter experiences of working taxi owners and bailee drivers will agree with me. The taxi networks never considered drivers’ safety and security seriously. The NSW Workcover Authority or any other governmental instrumentalities NEVER investigated and prosecuted any breach of driver safety and security despite repeated requests. In short, this concept does not exist in the taxi industry.

In reality, this so called drivers’ safety security concept was used to increase the profit margins and a powerful device to control, bully and muzzle bailee drivers and owners.

2. Many advances in technology negated the need for a regulatory requirement that taxi operators continue to subscribe to a radio network. This concept alone murders innovation. The current regulatory practice in this regard has destroyed democracy and fairness in the taxi industry. To be precise this concept has driven out “service” from the taxi industry.

3. Yes, I have many experiences of back to base alarm systems and they are functioning better than current system imposed on taxi industry. They also have more room for improvement in a competitive and group environment.

4. The indirect (actually direct) funneling of fees through the radio networks to the NSW Taxi Industry Association and NSW Taxi Council Limited is one of the biggest sources of corruption, nepotism and such a funneling is strangling the forces of democracy, creativity, innovation. This anti-competitive practice is rewarding the anti-public and anti-worker components of the taxi industry. The whole concept is wrong and inconsistent with many anti-competitive laws. In addition it forces compulsory unionism upon taxi operators.

5. The taxi industry will function properly without investors as evidenced by UK and even Sydney, Australia prior to the removal of the Seniority List Register. The Seniority List Register was equivalent of “superannuation” for taxi drivers beside a great incentive. The investors are a negative force and source of corruption.

You don’t have to go any further! The investors and their ‘godfather’ managed to silence and sabotage 20 Inquiries and Inquiry reports contrary to the wishes and interests of the traveling public, honest taxi operators and bailee drivers!!

The Nexus Taxi Plate Scandal is another example of the destructive and evil force of investors. In this instance, a few bad people were rewarded for their crimes against the whole society and humanity in general.

6. The taxi industry is a service industry. Service based on experience is beneficial for all of us. An over priced tin plate can not improve service and comfort in the first place. This unconscionable concept called taxi plate value is totally false and illegal. Transferring taxi plates ONLY to the working taxi drivers will change the face of the industry dramatically for the benefit of the whole society. However, such a long overdue and forgotten system may not be good for political parties who are intoxicated with direct and indirect donations!

Most importantly, the pattern of rational and logical thinking demonstrated in your questions will reduce taxi operating cost and taxi fare thereby.

With thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed


Sydney Taxi Corruption

Mobile: 041 091 4118

Saturday, February 20, 2010

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