Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Person Presentation

In Person Presentation

My Preamble, A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry, Beyond A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry, Humorous Submission with Reality and Written Submission contain only 1% of documentations in my possession.

I intend to add another 1% of documentations in my possession during my In Person Presentation. However, some sources say, a powerful group is determined to stop me to do so.

Well, I’ll believe in everything as it is demonstrated in The Power of the Taxi Mafia over the last twenty years!

The NSW TDA President Anne Turner calls herself “princes”. However, the ex NSW TDA president Geoff Coates used to call her “mistress’. Although I am not interested in the past or personal issues! However, Anne Turner and Eddie Diab have attended many meetings with taxi owners and taxi mafia. They failed to provide the attendee, agenda and outcomes of those meetings despite repeated requests. The NSW TDA does NOT represent PLATE OWNERS!, is a small example to explore the situation! Anne Turner also admitted to accept money from the taxi mafia (by mistake I suppose). Please examine May the president please inform the committee should be examined to obtain some evidence in relation to this issue.

The submission to the NSW Upper House Inquiry presented by the NSW TDA banner is contradictory and does not reflect the proper views of the organisation and mission statement of the NSW TDA. Confidential NSW TDA Issues are one more example of Anne’s misadventure.

Since the election, Anne Turner and Eddie Diab have wasted three committee meetings for the blood of NSW TDA committee Member Ted Hirsh. They did this unlawfully and as a secretary I warned them about it.

Naturally, for a number of reasons including the one I mentioned above, Anne Turner and Eddie Diab clique conspired to remove me from the committee without any reason at the fourth committee meeting in my absence.

Anne Turner’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and Why Sex? Are two more examples of dirty tricks used by these power drunks under the instruction of the taxi mafia!

Now they are unlawfully writing to the NSW Upper House Inquiry Secretariat that I am not the elected Secretary of the NSW TDA! I also note that the written submission under the banner of the NSW TDA and rest of the activities are not inline with the NSW TDA activities, aim and objective.

In short, it is becoming clearer that the so called NSW TDA submission and in person presentation do not represent true values and interests of the working taxi drivers.

Ann Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA, and Reg Kermode Thugs Went on to Kidnap and Rob Faruque Ahmed are further reasons and grounds to grant me to present my in person submission.

Therefore, I should not be prevented from making an In Person Presentation during the NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry.

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Mobile: 041 091 4118

Friday, January 29, 2010


  1. Machine Gun,

    Please maintain your tradition!

  2. Get ready and expose criminals.

  3. Taxi drivers must get a fair go in NSW.

  4. Faruque Ahmed will be denied to make an in person presentation is unbelievable! It must be a Labor party conspiracy.

  5. I prefer to be the last one. So that I will be in a position to expose lies of taxi mafia.